• The lab welcomes Dr. Park to join as a postdoc researcher on Oct. 9, 2023! Dr. Park will work on colon modeling and liver-on-a-chip!
  • Monia successfully defended her thesis on Oct. 4th, 2023! Congratulations, Dr. Kabandana! You have been amazing!
  • Our research was reported by The Business Journal. Check it out
  • Our story is reported by the UMBC news. Check it out here
  • In September 2022, Dr. Chen is awarded a $350,000 grant by the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund to study a human stem cell-derived colon model for drug screening and transplantable medicine.
  • In August 2022, Dr. Chen is awarded a $1.7 million grant to investigate liver modeling on microfluidics and studying extracellular-metabolome interactions.
  • Curtis’ paper entitled “3D-Printed, Modular, and Parallelized Microfluidic System with Customizable Scaffold Integration to Investigate the Roles of Basement Membrane Topography on Endothelial Cells” was accepted by ACS Biomaterial Science&Enginneering, and is featured as the FRONT COVER story. Congrats.